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Women on Fire

Created and hosted by rising Americana/country artist Erin McLendon, Women on Fire serves as a pivotal platform for local female musicians and entrepreneurs to share their talents.

Backed by all female band members, event planners, and vendors, the quarterly event has featured artists like Katie Basden (featured on The Voice) and Lexi Larsen (named as One to Watch by CMA Magazine).

McLendon, the driving force behind Women on Fire, was inspired by all of the talented women she works with that don’t get enough credit in Nashville. “I wanted to create a collaborative space that was not just country or pop; I wanted to have something that is open to all genres. Not only is this a regularly occurring event, it also showcases female businesses in town, including the production company that helps me put on the event, Siler + West”, McLendon says.

It’s fitting that such a dynamic event would take place at one of Nashville’s most iconic venues, the Exit/In. With the venue’s history of defying stereotypes and hosting a wide variety of artists, Erin McLendon’s Women on Fire fits perfectly in its spirited array of entertainment.

Artist & vendor Testimonials

“When this amazing opportunity was brought to my attention, I was immediately interested and excited to be apart of an all female women empowering event. It was everything I had hoped for. Not only did I get to play with such incredible talented female musicians and share the stage with other amazing female artists, but I got to make new friends who are driven, motivated and know exactly who they are and what they want to say in their music. These women were definitely on fire. Honored to be apart of such a amazing night!”

-Michelle Pereira, Woman on Fire April 2019

“It's a privilege to work with Erin on Women on Fire. Each event introduces us to friendly, determined, intelligent business women that are interested in growing their brand while supporting others. You find these women behind their booths, on the stage, in the crowd - everyone involved is someone who should be in your network. We've gained clients and made friends. What more could you ask from an event?”

-Siler + West, Women on Fire Production

“The feeling of being on stage surrounded by strong, talented women in music: absolute bliss. Erin McLendon gave us the opportunity and an incredible platform to do our thing on stage. The Women on Fire showcase was an AMAZING collaboration of female musicians and business owners kicking ass in the industry and I was so honored to be on the roster!” 

-Jenny Teator, Woman on Fire, April 2019

“Women On Fire is a force to be reckoned with! They have helped me to reach people I wouldn’t have normally reached just through social media promotion and pop up shops. Thank you for giving us female artists the platform we need to lift each other up and to showcase our art! This Strange Ranger can not wait for the next one! THANK YOU FOR YOUR MAGIC AND GENIUS ERIN!” 

-O’Neal Leathers, Strange Ranger

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