Frequently Asked Questions


I want to perform at the next Women on Fire showcase. How do I apply?
Applying is easy! Just submit your application through this Google Form:

Do I have to be a country artist to play Women on Fire?
Nope! All genres are welcome. We try to select artists that sound good together but are not necessarily the same genre. Think of it as your favorite mood playlist on Spotify - that’s what we’re going for!

Can I perform with a pre-recorded track or my own band for the showcase?
We require all artists perform with our all-female house band. They’re fantastic! They will learn your songs and you will have the opportunity to rehearse with them before the show.

Can I have my musician friend perform with me?
If your friend is a woman, yes! The point of Women on Fire is to showcase the amazing female talent in Nashville both on & off stage.

What instruments are in the house band?
Currently, we have an electric guitar, drums, bass, keys, tambourine, & background vocals.

Are bands accepted as submissions? Or just solo acts?
All female performers (duos, individuals, and bands) are welcome to submit! Keep in mind that we will still have you perform with our house band and so, the leading ladies will be featured, not the rest of the group. (ie: if Paramore were to submit, we’d feature Hayley Williams, and let the guys come in & cheer her on!)

I was not born a female, but I identify as a woman. Am I still eligible to submit to play Women on Fire?

Will there be a photographer there?
Yes! We have our own in house photographer capturing the concert! All requests for photos can be sent to

What sort of time commitment is there?

We set up three rehearsals with the house band and you are only required to be at ONE of them. They are currently listed on the submission form. Rehearsals generally last an hour and a half for each artist. The day of the show, load-in usually starts at 3:00 with soundcheck beginning at 4:00. Each artist will be assigned their soundcheck time and have 30 minutes to line check and run whatever songs they can run within that time frame.


Does my business have to be female-owned to be part of the event? 

We give priority to female-owned businesses. However, businesses that are specifically designed to serve women will be considered. We know that teamwork makes the dream work so, family-owned businesses are also welcome to submit, but again, female owned & operated businesses are preferred.

What is the difference between a vendor and a sponsor?

Prime Vendors: receive all of the benefits of being a vendor along with prime space on the main floor of Exit/In. This is ideal for someone who has a larger set up,requires an outlet for their booth or, just wants to be right in the action! 

Vendors receive a booth on-site where they will be allowed to sell their products directly to guests and keep 100% of their sales. They will also be able to collect potential customer contact information (at the will of the potential customer, of course!) Vendors will also receive a plus one to help run their booth. 

Sponsors will have their logo featured on our flyers and advertisements, but will not have a designated booth on-site. However, they are welcome to pass out information to guests during the show. This is ideal for businesses that don’t necessarily have a product to sell but rather, a class or experience. If you want to participate in Women on Fire and all of the prime vendor/vendor slots have filled, this is a great way to get your foot in the door & still be able to network! 

Both vendors and sponsors will receive two (2) tickets to the event and social media shoutouts. Vendors will be given individual shoutouts while sponsors will be featured in groups (dependent on the number)

What is the cost to be a vendor/sponsor?

Prime Vendor: $75

Vendor: $50

Sponsor: $30

What products are vendors allowed to sell?
All products must conform to Exit/In policies. They do not permit the following categories: food, beverages, weapons, tobacco, or CBD products. Even though we love & respect them, we do NOT accept vendor applications from Direct Sales or MLM companies. For additional questions about what vendors are allowed, please contact

Are there limited spots for vendors & sponsors?
Yes! We only have 4 prime vendor slots, 4 vendor, and 4 sponsor slots.

How much space will each booth have, and do you provide tables and outlets?
That is dependent on what type of vendor you are! There are limited spaces with outlets and some booths are larger than others. Those spaces are typically reserved for larger item vendors (clothing, salons, etc.) We will have vendors upstairs and downstairs so, there is plenty of space for everyone!

Where can vendors park?
Vendors can park in the lot directly behind Exit/In. Do NOT park at Cafe Coco without paying. You will be booted.


Where can I buy a ticket?
Tickets can be purchased at

Is there an age restriction?
This event is 18+.

Can I bring my camera?
Cameras with detachable lenses are not permitted inside the event. We do have a photographer taking pictures of the evening. Requests for photos can be sent to with the subject line “Women on Fire Event Photos” the sharing of photos of individual artists must be approved by said artist(s).